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The principles of cooperation

From the beginning of cooperation we feel responsible for the tasks entrusted to us. We ensure the timeliness, reliability and speed of information by remaining in regular contact with the customer at every stage of our project.

The essential information concerning cooperation with MMG Marine:

Before starting a new project, we carefully  analyze the work schedule to determine the number and type of needed  personnel, we also set dates of commencement/start and termination/end date of the project.  We discuss management, details of the operating areas and organizational culture. That gives us the confidence that the solutions we have prepared will perfectly meet  our customers' expectations and will help them to achieve even better business results.

Honesty in business is more important for us than project realization at all means. That’s why, we make every effort to ensure that our Client understands the issues related to the realization of the given service before signing agreement. It is important for us that our Client is aware of the benefits and the legal conditions of our service.

When the customer accepts proposed solutions, we sign a contract regulating our cooperation.  It contains the necessary information about the rules of service realization, terms of execution and financial settlements. Every customer is treated individually, and each contract is individual, depending on the needs and expectations of the client. The agreement also guarantees to the customer that we will act in a timely manner, legally and responsibly.

We provide guarantee for all our services.  During recruitment, temporary employment and employee leasing projects, this guarantee starts on the day of employment of the candidate recommended by us and lasts - depending on the position - from 1 to 6 months. We hold professional indemnity insurance.



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